Application Guidance

How we decide to award grants:

Please read Stratford Town Trust 2018 Funding Guidelines - FINAL document for 2018 before you complete your application.

We assess all applications to make sure that the applicant is suitable to deliver the intended project or activity. We will make appropriate checks regarding an organisation; e.g., governance, finances, sustainability and key operating policies and procedures. These checks should not deter a potential applicant as we are keen to offer further support to organisations in order to enable a strong application.

All applications are subject to a scoring process which appraises the following key points: -

  • Evidence of need within Statford-upon-Avon
  • Evidence of community/user involvement in the planning and delivery of the proposal
  • Ability to make a demonstrable difference to quality of life in Stratford-upon-Avon
  • Commitment to collaborative and partnership working
  • Financial position, viability and sustainability (where applicable

Applicants will be required to answer scored questions based on the themes above (each question is worth a maximum of five points). Applicants must score 15 or more points to be eligible for funding. Therefore, any application scoring less than 15 points will not be eligible for funding. Remember, an application can still be turned down for funding, despite meeting our criteria and scoring highly enough, simply due to the volume of applications we receive.

If you haven't been successful

If your application hasn't scored highly enough to be considered for funding you will be informed and we will explain why. We will also provide feedback to appications which score highly enough but weren't succesful in the current round.