Grants Monitoring

The Town Trust monitors the grants it awards for several reasons:

  1. To ensure that the money has been spent for the charitable purposes indicated on the application form.
  2. To ensure that all the grant has been spent.
  3. To see what can be learnt from the project in terms of benefit to townspeople.
  4. To see what can be learnt from the project in terms of its operation for the beneficiary organisation, for the Trust and for future applicants.

Evaluating grants helps the Trust to understand about the needs of the town and to learn from its grant-making to help the Trust develop future grant-making strategy. We also think that it helps you as an organisation to evaluate which of your services are most effective and which clients are benefiting the most – it may even indicate new client groups that you weren’t aware of.

Grant Utilisation Form

At present the Town Trust sends out a Grant Utilisation Form one year after you received your first grant payment. This simply asks you to confirm that the entire grant has been spent and, if this isn’t the case, gives you an opportunity to explain why. We also ask for a brief report on the project. If you have applied again in the year following your grant, we will look in the new application to see how you have used the previous year’s grant rather than sending a Grant Utilisation Form. You can see the Grant Utilisation Form here.

A report on your grant can take the form of statistics, case studies, publications associated with the project, video and testimonials from clients/beneficiaries or volunteers. The Trustees also like to receive photos of projects. Grant holders who do not return the Grant Utilisation Form may jeopardise the success of any future applications to the Trust.


The Trust visits projects as well; these visits may be carried out by the Grants team, the Chief Executive or Trustees. These visits are useful as they show us the challenges you may have faced and also the successes from your hard work! Clare Fitzsimmons, who carries out the Trust’s media work, may also contact you to arrange a visit.

Grant Audits

Each year the Trust audits a selection of grants. This is a more detailed evaluation of the grant to ensure that it has been spent in accordance with the application and that it has been properly recorded in the organisation’s accounts. We also check the postcodes of the beneficiaries to confirm that they are town residents and check how the organisation has acknowledged the support of the Trust. This is so that we can demonstrate to our own auditors that the Trust’s funds have been used for charitable purposes in the town.

We understand that sometimes unforeseen problems occur during projects and these can cause delays and possibly require a change to the project. In this situation, please contact the Grants Manager so that we can discuss what approach to take. We prefer to hear about the problems from you at the time and we are keen to see that you can learn from the challenges and use it to develop your work in the future.


If you send us photos of your project, please check that you have the consent of everyone in the photo for it to be sent to the Town Trust. Unless you indicate otherwise, we will assume that we may use the photo on our website, newsletter, social media accounts and presentations to external audiences.

Eligibility Checker

We’ve updated the postcodes on the Eligibility Checker on our website to include the new developments being built in the town. If you would like a list of town postcodes, please contact Catherine Kelso on If you have a postcode which is showing as not eligible and you think it does fall within the town boundary, please let Catherine know.