Non-Discretionary Grants

Under the terms of the original Royal Charter that created what is now the Stratford Town Trust we’re required to make regular grants to each of the following organisations.

King Edward VI School

King Edward VI School (KES), a grammar school for boys, was originally one of the charities set up by the 1553 Royal Charter  and is entitled to receive financial support from the Town Trust.

By orders of the Charity Commission dated 1905, 1991 and 2001 and by a High Court Order of 1996, KES is entitled to 36% (after costs have been deducted) of the income from the Guild Estate's investments to spend on educational provision at the school.

The Vicar of Holy Trinity Church

The 1553 Charter also compelled the charities to support the Vicar of Holy Trinity Church. There is a direction under the Charity Commission Order of 2001 to pay £7,000 a year to the vicar. This money is not used for the vicar's own benefit - it supports them and their team in their ministry.


The Almshouses in Church Street were also originally part of these charities but are now the property of the Municipal Charities of Stratford-upon-Avon who manage them. The Stratford Town Trust continues to support the running costs of the 24 Almshouses under a legal agreement dated 1st April 1983.