Grant Stories

A place where anyone can be centre stage

27 March 2017

THEY say your true supporters come out of the woodwork when times are tough. And that was certainly proven in the case of Stratford Music Centre. Having been established and successful for four . . .

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Giving students a sporting chance

2 March 2017

GETTING active is something we’re all encouraged to do. At one Stratford school, it’s now easier and more enjoyable than ever before thanks to a state-of-the-art fitness suite open not just to . . .

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Because hearing loss can be isolating

24 February 2017

A NEW lipreading group has been started in Stratford town by CELST, the Central England Lip-Reading Support Trust. In July 2016 the charity was awarded £4,215 by the Town Trust to establish . . .

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Seasonal Stratford burning bright

11 November 2016

IT COULD be all too easy to take them for granted – because year after year, there they are sprinkling Christmas magic all over town. Stratford’s festive display goes beyond impressive – . . .

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Oars at the ready

18 October 2016

ON a summer’s eve, Stratford wouldn’t quite be Stratford without the sight and sounds of crews rowing up and downstream on the river. Of course they are not just there in the summer - or just in . . .

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Encouraging play – all year round

18 July 2016

“WE are now the envy of some other clubs throughout the county - that’s how amazing our facilities are.” Those are the words of John Dixon, Chairman of Stratford-on-Avon Tennis Club. Stratford . . .

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Pitching in for the girls

23 June 2016

YOU may be surprised to learn that the biggest female team sport in England is now football. And how the figures have swollen… Last season more than 147,000 female players competed in affiliated . . .

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The gift you can open again and again

24 May 2016

“A HOUSE without books is like a room without windows” – so said the author Heinrich Mann. Working away all across our local area is a band of people supporting an innovative project committed . . .

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Safety and support to start over

8 March 2016

“A REFUGE is more than just a roof over a woman’s head - we offer vital support that gives women and children the building blocks to start a new life.” A powerful message from Sandra Horley . . .

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Sowing the seeds of change

10 February 2016

IT’S a shocking statistic; 73 per cent of children in Stratford identified under the Warwickshire Priority Families Programme are not regularly attending school. That figure is the highest in . . .

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