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Giving students a sporting chance

2 March 2017

GETTING active is something we’re all encouraged to do.

At one Stratford school, it’s now easier and more enjoyable than ever before thanks to a state-of-the-art fitness suite open not just to the school’s students, but to the wider community too.

The brand new £3.5million sports hall at Shottery Girls’ Grammar opened in 2015 – with Stratford Town Trust proud to support the project by providing a grant for £15,000 to fund sports equipment.

The money was used to pay for everything from treadmills to trampolines, all now being used by the 670 pupils at the school, and by the wider community too; SGGS opening up its state-of-the-art sporting facilities to other schools, groups and local residents.

Paul Day, Business Manager at Shottery Girls’ Grammar, said: “There was a clear need within the school for improved sporting facilities. Prior to our new building, the only indoor PE space was the assembly hall which had to house exams, music and drama productions and assemblies as well as PE. This was totally inadequate. At certain times of the year when exams were in session, all PE had to be outside, which was impractical in the winter months. In a culture where exercise and fitness are seen as vital, the school was not able to teach the curriculum fully.”

The new facilities -­ funded by a government grant as well as the school, its parents and supporters - has changed all of that, as Joint Head of PE Alison Scott says:

“The new facilities have transformed our teaching opportunities, enabling us to introduce a variety of sports. We have been able to push our girls to achieve even more, as we now have the correct facilities and court sizes.  A perfect example of this is the KS3 girls recently achieving a Silver medal in the Level 3 School Games Competition.”

Amongst the equipment funded by the Town Trust were treadmills and cross trainers, as well as floor mats and trampolines.

So, what do the students think?

We love having a large indoor space and the variety of sports we can take part in.”

“The fitness suite is great, as older girls we can use this at lunchtime too. We have set a programme to follow when we use this to help increase our fitness levels.”

“I like the variety of sports, we were bored of doing the same things and always being outside.”

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