Types of Grants

We operate four grant schemes:

  1. Main Grants
  2. Multi-Year Funding Grants
  3. Fast-Track Grants
  4. Grants for Individuals

Main Grants:

Main grant funding is available to applicants seeking over £2000 for activities and projects which usually run for a period of less than 12months (although there is some flexibility). Our main grants round will run twice a year and applications will be invited during February and September 2018. There is no restriction on the amount which can be applied for (although applicants should note we typically allocate in total around £1million a year). Applications for more than £50k should be discussed with the Head of Community Engagement prior to submission.

Multi-Year Funding Grants:

The Trust is committed to supporting  organisations with funding for up to three consecutive years for projects which impact on two or more of our funding priorities and seek to respond to the longer-term  needs of communities. Applications which are collaborative in nature and work across organisational boundaries will be viewed favourably. Multi-year funding applicants will be required to complete and return an Expressions of Interest Form which must be returned by 15th February or 15th September to be considered in the corresponding grants round.

Fast-Track Grants:

Fast Track grants are up to £2000 and applicants can usually receive  a decision within 10 working days to deliver projects and initiatives. Applicants can also apply for one-off equipment and capital costs through this process, although they may have to wait longer for a decision.

Your organisation can usually only make one Fast-Track application to the Trust per year; by this we mean it must be a year since you last applied. Think carefully about whether you will be able to achieve your objective within the £1,000 limit. You may be better advised to apply for a larger amount in one of the regular grants rounds.

Grants for Individuals:

In addition to the funding distributed through our main grants rounds, the Trust works with several local organisations to support Stratford town residents who are suffering hardship. The Trust provides small, one-off grants for such things as bedding, furniture, clothing, heating appliances and white goods such as microwaves and fridges. Please go to our Supporting Individuals page for more information.