Types of Grants

We operate four grant schemes:

  1. Main Grants
  2. Programme Grants
  3. Fast-Track Grants
  4. Grants for Individuals

Main Grants:

To make our funding evenly available during the year, we have three main grant application rounds. It is important that you apply in the round that corresponds with your funding needs. Think about when your project will start, your available funds (including your reserves and fundraising) and the timing of any applications you will be making to other funders. Don't forget that your application may be deferred until the following grants round if more information is required.

Please be aware that we usually only accept one application per organisation per year. This means that if you apply in Round 1, you will not be able to apply again until Round 1 in the following year, so think strategically about your needs and co-ordinate your application with any other bodies that raise funds for you, such as 'Friends' or appeal committees. You should continue to seek funding from other sources for your project as your grant application may not be successful, even if the Trust has funded your organisation previously.

Please go to our Filling out your Grant Application page for further information.

Application Round Closing Dates 2017

Round 1 - Now closed.

Round 2 - Now closed.

Round 3 - Now closed.

Round 3 closed on 5th September with applications now being processed. We will publish details as soon as the next round is open.

Fast Track applications for £1,000 or less, can be submitted at any time - click here to apply

Programme Grants:

The Trust will consider grants over a period of up to 3 years for major projects. If you would like to discuss this type of grant, you should contact the Grants Team, at least three months before the closing date of the round in which you wish to submit your application. The Trust has a guide to the amount of funding available for Programme grants and the budget for the current year may already be allocated.   More information is available here: Guidance for Programme Grant Applicants 2016.

Fast-Track Grants:

We have a Fast-Track scheme for applications worth £1,000 or less. Decisions on these applications are normally made within 10 working days of submission, provided all supporting information is received on time. Please use the Fast Track  application form for your Fast Track application. This is accessed from Apply on line here. Occasionally, a Fast Track application will have to go to the Grants Committee for a decision, but you will be informed if this applies to your application. Fast Track applications are for organisations that are well-organised and ready to carry out their project. If the project has not started within 6 months of the date on your grant award letter, the grant may be cancelled. Please note that you cannot submit a Fast Track application in addition to an application in one of the main grants rounds unless there are exceptional circumstances.

Fast Track tips:

Your organisation can usually only make one application to the Trust per year; by this we mean it must be a year since you last applied. Think carefully about whether you will be able to achieve your objective within the £1,000 limit. You may be better advised to apply for a larger amount in one of the regular grants rounds.

The normal application standards apply: we will still need to see evidence of quotes for equipment and planned work and a copy of your most recent accounts.

For an overview of the Fast Track process please click Fast Track application process

Grants for Individuals:

In addition to the funding distributed through our main grants rounds, the Trust works with several local organisations to support Stratford town residents who are suffering hardship. The Trust provides small, one-off grants for such things as bedding, furniture, clothing, heating appliances and white goods such as microwaves and fridges. Please go to our Supporting Individuals page for more information.