Restrictions on funding

We don’t currently provide grants for:

  • Bursaries, tuition fees, gap year or exchange visits, course fees and similar to individuals. (If you need a grant towards education costs, then you can find more information in the ‘Guide to Education Grants’ booklet published by the Directory of Social Change. A copy is available in the reference section of the local library.)
  • Businesses and projects that can distribute profits to members. (You must be a ‘not for profit’ organisation, social enterprise or asset-locked company to receive a grant.)
  • Activities that promote tourism, business or the local economy.
  • Activities that are not legally charitable.
  • Projects or activities that the state has a legal obligation to provide.
  • Fundraising by one organisation on behalf of another. We prefer to give help directly to the organisation in need.
  • Projects run by organisations that have not complied with our previous monitoring requests.
  • VAT that can be reclaimed by your organisation from HMRC.
  • Projects or activities that have already taken place (retrospective funding) or costs of the project incurred before our grant offer was confirmed.

Also, organisations or groups that hold significant free reserves may be considered as a lower priority for funding.