Launching ReBuild

31 August 2017

THE COMMUNITY is being asked to nominate a project to receive funding in a major new initiative being launched by Stratford Town Trust.

ReBuild – launching in September – is seeking to have a direct and lasting impact at a family or community level within the town of Stratford-upon-Avon.

It is set to become the town’s very own version of the BBC’s DIY SOS.

It could be a house in need of major alterations to allow a disabled or ill family member to stay in their own home, or a community facility in desperate need of saving or reinvigorating; Stratford Town Trust wants the community to nominate a worthy project to get the full ReBuild treatment in 2018.

Anyone can nominate a project – the only criteria is that the project must happen within Stratford-upon-Avon town.

“We want to identify a project in need of support; a project that will have a measurable impact, to the recipients and to the broader community” says Justin Williams, Chief Executive of Stratford Town Trust.

“We’re not embarking on this with any preconceived ideas, in terms of what the best project will be – it is up to the residents of Stratford to nominate and then vote. What we’re saying is let us know about a really good local project that we can support, and then let’s make it happen.”

ReBuild nominations can be lodged online – via a simple survey – at

Nominations will open on Monday (September 4th) and can be submitted up until midnight on October 24th.

For those unable to access the electronic survey please contact the Town Trust on 01789 207 111 and they will ensure you have a hard copy delivered.

From the nominations received, a shortlist of potential projects will then be opened to the community to vote on the best project – so that the community decides on the project that will be supported.

The voting will happen throughout November, with the winner announced before Christmas 2017.

That winner will then receive the full ReBuild treatment in 2018.

Much like DIY SOS – the hit BBC1 programme – Stratford Town Trust also needs to hear from any companies and volunteers willing to lend a hand – or a team of hands – to support the project.

Details can again be left online, via the survey at:

“This is something very different and very exciting,” Mr Williams added.

“For this initiative to work we need the whole community here in Stratford-upon-Avon to get behind us to ensure it delivers maximum impact.

“We’re talking about a life-changing project. If you know someone who can benefit, or who can help, please get in touch as soon as possible. If the community embraces this initiative, then it could become an annual event.”

Stratford Town Trust will be partnering with the Stratford Herald to publicise and follow ReBuild progress, with the Herald part of an advisory panel reviewing nominations before the Town Trust Board finalises the shortlist. Citizens Advice will also be part of the advisory panel.

The Herald will be featuring shortlisted projects before the community vote.

Details of ReBuild will be circulated across the town next week in an Activity Report being delivered to every household by the Town Trust.

Stratford Town Trust is a grant-giving charity with origins going back to the 13th Century. Today, the Trust funds nearly £2 million worth of grants to support local good causes – including charities, groups, individuals and every town school. Since 2001, more than £25 million of funding has been provided.

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