Statement on Stratford ArtsHouse

22 February 2018

STRATFORD Town Trust would like to issue the following statement in regards to Stratford ArtsHouse:

"The Town Trust’s purpose is to improve the quality of life for the residents of Stratford-upon-Avon. But an escalation in demand for funding support has forced the Trust to redirect its focus on projects that have the greatest impact, both at an individual and community-building level.

"With an increase of demand for support and help, The Board of the Town Trust has had to make the difficult decision to move funding previously provided to the ArtsHouse into more directly targeted help for individuals, charities and support groups. This decision, hard as it is, will release approximately £200,000 every year for new and on-going projects and initiatives. A recent example of this is the creation of Foundation House on Masons Road, where multiple community groups are using this new facility as a shared space.

"While some will be disappointed in this decision, Stratford Town Trust has a duty to target its funds so they have the widest possible benefits across the whole community.  The Trust is certain that having an extra £200,000 of funding each year will bring greater benefits to the residents of the town."

Justin Williams, Chief Executive

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