Unveiling of new commemorative boulder at Rowley Fields

We were pleased to celebrate the Town Green designation of Rowley Fields with a special commemoration in honour of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. On 4th May, Tony Jackson, Chair of Stratford Town Trust, unveiled a new boulder during a ceremony at the fields.

The boulder is York stone, chosen for its hard-wearing properties. It was sourced by local masons Geo. Clifford and Sons who also provided a cast bronze plaque which is set into the face of the monolith.

Sara Aspley, Chief Executive at Stratford Town Trust said: ‘The commemorative boulder is a permanent recognition of the special achievement of securing Town Green status for Rowley Fields, which means it is now protected from future development under the protection of The Commons Act. It is fitting to celebrate this designation as part of the Jubilee year, marking how proud we are to support our community’s access to green spaces and our continued commitment to improving biodiversity both at Rowley Fields and the Lench Meadows.’

Rowley Fields is used daily by many people from across Stratford for a range of recreation and leisure, with individuals, clubs and groups, young and old, all benefiting from the positive mental health and wellbeing advantages that come from accessing green space. The fields also act as a buffer for the neighbouring Welcombe Hills Nature Reserve.