We give grants to projects and groups that help to improve quality of life for the people who live in the town of Stratford-upon-Avon.

Each year we have around £2 million to distribute in discretionary grants. We consider applications from charities – local and national, constituted voluntary community groups and organisation, Community Interest Companies (CIC) limited by guarantee and statutory organisations for certain projects.

You don’t have to live in the town to apply for a grant, but your project/activities must be charitable and benefit people who live in the town. Please check if the beneficiaries of your project are eligible by using our postcode checker:

What can I apply for?

We’re delighted to outline our plans for our new grant programme: Community Recharge

Applications opened on 7th September 2020 and the closing date is 9th October.

The impact of the pandemic on our communities has been significant. It has also, in many cases, meant we have had to deliver services to support and engage people in significantly different ways. Community organisations have continueto deliver vital support and activities while facing significant challenges for their own staff and volunteers, as well as their finances. As the sector begins to look at what’s next, we know that to build in new approaches thoughtfully and sustainably requires investment of time and money. 

Community Recharge will look specifically to fund organisations’ core costs – supporting them to look forward and build their skills, capacity and resilience. This could include supporting the costs of strategy development, staff training and development, tech/IT purchase and organisational structure reviews. The programme will not focus on general delivery of projects and activities.

Funding is for core costs, and may be used for areas such as: 

  • Strategy and delivery planning and development 
  • Income diversification planning 
  • Staff training and development to work differently and deliver services in new ways 
  • costs associated with exploring and agreeing new legal and HR frameworks such as moving to Home Worker contracts etc 
  • The cost of moving support and work online  
  • Purchase of specific software/hardware to deliver your work in new ways 

Community Recharge is not aimed at covering the cost of general ongoing project delivery, topping up depleted reserves, or for redundancy settlements 

We would expect any funding to be used within six months from date of award but will be flexible depending on your plans. We also envisage awarding grants between £3,000 and £20,000 but will consider applications outside of this range where there is a clear and compelling rationale.  

We expect this programme to be heavily oversubscribed, and therefore will invite applicants through to application stage following on from a conversation with a member of our grants team to talk through the outline of your idea, although we fully understand that this may be at an early stage, and that funding may be required to develop it further.  


Stratford Town Trust’s funding can only support projects that benefit people in the town. Therefore, to be eligible for funding though this programme, your organisation should: 

  • Already be delivering projects and activities in Stratford upon Avon that fall within our current priorities. 
  • Have a constitution or agreed set of rules 
  • A bank account with at least two unrelated signatories 
  • If you are a Community Interest Company (CIC) we can only consider your application if you are limited by guarantee 
  • Schools and Colleges are not eligible for funding through the Community Recharge programme 

Applications accepted from 7th September until our closing date on 9th October.

We plan to make awards in November.

Please contact James or Catherine using the email addresses below to set up a time to talk about what this programme aims to support, as it differs from our regular grants rounds.

James McHugh – Grants Manager – james.mchugh@stratfordtowntrust.co.uk

Catherine Kelso – Grants Officer – catherine.kelso@stratfordtowntrust.co.uk


Apply now!

The following grants programmes are currently closed

Main grant funding is available to applicants seeking over £1,500 for activities and projects to support the residents of Stratford upon Avon town. Typically these would run for a period of less than 12 months (although there is some flexibility).

There is no restriction on the amount which can be applied for (although applicants should note we typically allocate in total around £1million a year in discretionary funding). Applications for more than £40k should be discussed with us before making an application.

  • Multi-Year Funding Grants

We currently support organisations with funding for up to three consecutive years for projects which impact on two or more of our funding priorities and will bring about significant change by responding to the longer-term needs of Stratford upon Avon town communities. We will not be accepting application for multi-year funding in our current grant round. Please contact us for more information.

  • Fast-Track Grants

Please note, our Fast Track grants are currently closed until further notice.  If you have any questions, please email: james.mchugh@stratfordtowntrust.co.uk

Fast Track grants are up to £1,500 and usually receive a decision within 10 working days, providing all supporting information has been supplied.

Only one application per organisation will be considered in 2020 irrespective of grant type.

  • Grants for Individuals

In addition to the funding distributed through our main grants rounds, the Trust works with several local organisations to support Stratford town residents who are suffering hardship. Through the Citizens Advice South Warwickshire the Trust provides small, one-off grants for such things as bedding, furniture, clothing, heating appliances and white goods such as microwaves and fridges. Please call 0300 330 1183 to discuss your eligibility under this scheme.

Where can I get advice about applying for a grant?

We look forward to hearing from all our local charities and groups but are particularly interested to hear from those with innovative ideas based around our priorities as detailed above. We are especially keen to invite applications from groups and charities that haven’t connected with us before and would like support for initiatives that promote and champion partnership working, bring like-minded groups together to strengthen ambition and, by working together, reach wider and more diverse sections of our community. If you would like to discuss a project or idea you would like funding for, contact our Grants Manager, James McHugh: E: james.mchugh@stratfordtowntrust.co.uk  or call 01789 207108 / 207114

Please read more on our Application Guidance and then Apply!


Non-Discretionary Grants

As well as our discretionary grant-giving, under the terms of the original Royal Charter that created what is now the Stratford Town Trust, we’re also required to make regular grants to each of the following organisations:

  • King Edward VI School
  • The Vicar of Holy Trinity Church
  • The Almshouses in Church Street
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