We give grants to projects and groups that help to improve quality of life for the people who live in the town of Stratford-upon-Avon.

Each year we have around £2 million to distribute in discretionary grants. We consider applications from charities – local and national, constituted voluntary community groups and organisation, Community Interest Companies (CIC) limited by guarantee and statutory organisations for certain projects.

Only one full application per organisation will be considered in 2021 irrespective of grant type.

You don’t have to live in the town to apply for a grant, but your project/activities must be charitable and benefit people who live in the town. Please check if the beneficiaries of your project are eligible by using our postcode checker:

You can join Stratford Town Trust.

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What can I apply for?


Fast Track Grants

Fast Track grants are up to £1,000 and usually receive a decision within 10 working days, providing all supporting information has been supplied. If you have any questions, please contact James or Catherine at applications@stratfordtowntrust.co.uk



Grants for Individuals

In addition to the funding distributed through our main grants rounds, the Trust works with several local organisations to support Stratford town residents who are suffering hardship. Through the Citizens Advice South Warwickshire the Trust provides small, one-off grants for such things as bedding, furniture, clothing, heating appliances and white goods such as microwaves and fridges. Please call 0300 330 1183 to discuss your eligibility under this scheme.

Main grant funding for groups and organisations

We are delighted to reopen our main grants programme in 2021 after what has been a tough and draining past 12 months for us all – organisationally and personally. 

How to apply for funding, and what we are focusing on this year 

For 2021, our grants programme will look and feel different to our previous approaches that you may be familiar with. We hope the changes are positive, and support applicants and interested community groups to have a clearer sense of what matters to us as a local funder and make it easier for you to apply! We have tried to answer some key questions below but would love to chat to you about your ideas too.  

What types of ideas are you interested in supporting this year? 

 This year, we will focus our grantmaking on three key themes: 

  • Young People 
  • Creating Connections 
  • Placemaking 

To read more about these themes, why they are important to us, and where they have come from, please read our guidance notes here. This outlines our thinking on each theme, as well as poses some questions for us as a community to think about together.  

When can I apply? 

This year, unlike most years, we will have one single round of funding, that is open from 22 March until 30 September. This means that organisations can apply at any time within that window 

We hope that not everyone applies in the first couple of weeks and the last couple of weeks! Hopefully, this approach means that applicants are submitted and assessed evenly across the rest of the window.  

How can I apply? 

This year, we have developed a two-stage application process.  

Stage 1 will be a short Expression of Interest, asking you some broad questions to get a feel for your project. Ideas, projects, and organisations witimpactful plans that have the potential to meet our themes strongly will be invited to complete a full Stage 2 application. You will be unable to submit a Stage 2 application without a Stage 1 assessment.  

The reason for us to adopt this approach is that we will only invite applications with a good chance of successfully securing funding through to Stage 2. 

We know that applying for funding can be resource intensive, stressful, and emotionally challenging. If, unfortunately, your idea or work is not something we are likely to support, we want to reduce the energy and resource you would normally put into an application with a low chance of success. We know that, from feedback, applicants prefer to have a decision as early as possible, even if that decision is a no. This allows organisations to focus attention and resources on more appropriate funding opportunities. If you are not invited to Stage 2, we will provide you with feedback.  

If you have an idea for a project, or you are already delivering work that you feel fits within our themes but would like to find out more before considering an application, we are also happy to have a chat with you – on the phone, via email or through a video chat. Later in the year, where government guidance allows, we will also look to meet people informally face-to-face to chat through ideas.  

How long will it take for you to make a decision on my application? 

We will look to make decisions on Stage 1 applications within a couple of weeks of submission. You will either be invited to Stage 2 or advised why your idea hasn’t progressed. For some ideas, we may well invite you to resubmit a Stage 1 application based on feedback and potential updates to your idea.  

For Stage 2 applications, we will look to make decisions within 6-8 weeks from submission.  

For those organisations invited to Stage 2, in some instances, we will ask you to submit your application within a specific timeframe, no sooner than 4 weeks froinitial invite. 

For instance, you are invited through to Stage 2 in April, but your idea/project will not commence until early 2022. We may then ask you to submit your application later in the summer. Alternatively, if you submit your application in May, we may make the decision to defer assessment and review until later in the year. In both cases, we will provide clear rationale and feedback to ensure that this does not impact too adversely on your work and plans.  

How much can I apply for? 

 This year, we expect our maximum award to be £20,000. This is an indicative amount. Although it is unlikely that we will award many grants above this amount, as part of the application process – pre-application conversations, Stage 1 and Stage 2 – we will have open and honest conversations with you about the amount you are looking to request. If you are likely to apply for significantly more than £20,000 please do let us know as early as possible so that we can plan in a chat with you to find out more about your idea and financial plans.  

Can I apply for a multiyear grant? 

 We are not inviting multiyear applications in 2021. However, if during the Stage 2 assessment, the Trust identifies an idea or organisation that would significantly benefit from a multiyear award, we will potentially consider making this by exception.  

Where can I get advice about applying for a grant?

We look forward to hearing from all our local charities and groups but are particularly interested to hear from those with innovative ideas based around our themes as detailed above. We are especially keen to invite applications from groups and charities that haven’t connected with us before and would like support for initiatives that promote and champion partnership working, bring like-minded groups together to strengthen ambition and, by working together, reach wider and more diverse sections of our community. If you would like to discuss a project or idea you would like funding for, please contact James or Catherine at applications@stratfordtowntrust.co.uk or call 01789 207108 / 207114

Please read more on our Application Guidance and then Apply!


Non-Discretionary Grants

As well as our discretionary grant-giving, under the terms of the original Royal Charter that created what is now the Stratford Town Trust, we’re also required to make regular grants to each of the following organisations:

  • King Edward VI School
  • The Vicar of Holy Trinity Church
  • The Almshouses in Church Street
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