How we decide to award grants

We assess all applications to make sure that the applicant is suitable to deliver the intended project or activity. We will make appropriate checks regarding an organisations; governance, finances, sustainability and key operating policies and procedures. These checks should not deter a potential applicant, should you have any questions regarding these checks please contact us to discuss on;  01789 207114 or 

All applications are subject to appraisal under the following key points: –

  • Your application must evidence the need for the project within Stratford upon Avon.
  •  Your application is able to evidence genuine user involvement in its planning and ongoing delivery.
  • Your proposal clearly articulates how it will lead to a demonstrable positive impact on the quality of life in Stratford upon Avon.
  • Your application demonstrates a commitment to collaborative and partnership working.
  • You are able to demonstrate a robust financial position (viability and sustainability), where applicable.

Also in order to be considered we require voluntary community groups and charitable organisations to have:-

  • A constitution or agreed set of rules
  • A bank account with at least two, unrelated, signatories.

If you are a Community Interest Company  (CIC) we can only consider your application if you are  limited by guarantee.

When considering your funding needs please be aware that only one application per organisation will be considered in each year irrespective of grant type. Also you should continue to seek funding from other sources for your project as your grant application may not be successful, even if we have funded your organisation previously. Please see below for funding and development support. 

If you don’t meet these requirements but have an idea which would benefit the local community, we would love to hear from you. We are happy to provide support and advice about the best way to achieve your idea. Please call the grants team on 01789 207114.

Please ensure that you provide all the required information which will be detailed at the end of the application form. This will  include a copy of your most recent accounts, and relevant policies. If this is not supplied it may result in your application being deferred. 

Funding and Development Support

Warwickshire Community and Voluntary Action (WCAVA) is able to provide information, advice and support with your application to us and other funders. They can also support other aspects of your organisation or community group. You can contact them using the details below:

Chris Freeman, Funding and Group Development Officer
T: 01789 333768
M: 07850 515185

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