Community on our doorstep

COMMUNITY. It’s hard to put your finger on what we mean when we say that. What is it that brings people together? What I know is that its more than living in the same place, a shared interest, politics or set of values.

Stratford folk have responded brilliantly over the last weeks with some truly uplifting examples of people coming together to support one another, looking out for those who only a short time ago were strangers. From all who stepped up immediately to volunteer for Stratford Support, to the independent businesses of the town who, facing closure, have diversified in response to community need. The examples of charities who have moved their services to Zoom and Skype to stay connected with the people that need them most. From cul de sac doorstep cuppas to secret Easter egg deliveries, the gallery of rainbows that decorate our houses and the weekly show of support on doorsteps for the NHS. Who hasn’t been touched by the kindness of strangers? It’s a constant reminder that we are all in this together.

A version of the Trust has been around since 1553. It has weathered many storms and faced many challenges. It shouldn’t need a crisis to bring a community together but if that is what it takes then we should make the most of it and celebrate being together in this place in this moment. When this crisis has passed, we will need to rebuild and reconnect with each other.

When people lead the way, communities flourish. Stratford Town Trust distributes over a £1 million each year to our community including funding Foundation House which is a home to 45 local groups and charities. Through the grants that we make and our unique role in the town we aim to be at the centre of the recovery. Creating a connected and vibrant community is our vision statement and it has never felt more relevant than now that we work tirelessly in support of this.

You can play your part by becoming a member of Stratford Town Trust, helping us have a bigger voice and reach out to even more people in our community.

Joining is free and simple. Find out more here to find out  more about our community hub visit

Sara Aspley
Chief Executive, Stratford Town Trust