Takeover Tuesday – The Parenting Project

Each week, we’re inviting one of the many charities or community groups in Stratford to takeover our social media for the day with a series of posts outlining what they are doing during the COVID-19 pandemic to show our support. The full case study will appear here on our blog.

This week, we hear from The Parenting Project a charity, which makes a difference to the lives of 0-19 year olds and their families across the Stratford upon Avon district by improving their life experiences and outcomes. Here, Emma Smith, Parenting Project Development Manager, tells us how they are providing vital resources for families with children at home during the Coronavirus outbreak.

How have you adapted the services you provide during the Covid-19 pandemic?

We have transferred our counselling and family support services online and to telephone.

Our Counsellors and Mental Health Team have undertaken additional training to be able to deliver counselling in this way.

Our Family Wellbeing Facilitators are in contact with families already known to the service, offering emotional support, information, advice and signposting.

We have been able to do craft activities with families online too.

What’s the key thing that has surprised/pleased you?

It has worked well for those parents who have taken up the offer of counselling this way, they have found it very helpful, as have our counsellors.

Families and staff have adapted well to this new way of working, some parents have shared that it is easier than travelling to a venue.

Families have pulled together and been creative in how to keep busy, particularly during the initial weeks of lockdown.

What are the biggest challenges you are facing?

We have had to ensure counsellors are up to speed on training and ethics in online and telephone counselling. The whole process can take some time as we have had to change our way of working.

As weeks have gone by, we are hearing that families are increasingly struggling, due to financial pressures, levels of increased anxiety/worry/concern. The feeling of isolation from family, friends and community.

Can you give an example describing the impact you’ve made on an individual/group of people?

Parents have fed back that they still feel supported at a time when anxiousness and isolation can be high.

Facts about who you have helped and how

We have 17 parents accessing counselling with us online, with many more being contacted each week as we move through each phase.

All of the families who were known to the Family Wellbeing Facilitators in March, have continued to be supported, with at least weekly contact.

We have shared through facebook that new families can contact us, for support from the Family Wellbeing Facilitators.

We have increased our activity on Facebook, sharing information with families


What could the community in Stratford do to support you?

Like our Facebook page and follow us, to share information.

Share information about the Parenting Project within network and with families.

As we move forward we are excited to explore new ways of funding / fundraising – any creative ideas would be great.

Useful info and contact details

At the moment we have not reopened our waiting lists for counselling, but we are reviewing this weekly.

We would be happy to hear from Stratford families who are in need of emotional support at this time.



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