At Stratford Town Trust, our vision is to create a vibrant and connected community where everyone can thrive. In 2024, we're sharpening our funding focus to empower those facing the toughest challenges and build a foundation for shared success. This means prioritising two key areas: 

  1. Core Costs: This might seem simple, but it is fundamental. Many organisations supporting our community struggle with basic operational expenses like rent, utilities, and staff costs, yet these areas so often go underfunded. In 2024, we are continuing to ensure these vital organisations have the stable ground they need to deliver their essential services.
  2. Tackling Inequality: Health, financial, and educational inequalities cast long shadows in our community. These interconnected issues limit opportunity and trap individuals in a cycle of disadvantage. That's why we're committing a significant portion of our 2024 funding to organisations working directly to address these inequalities. This includes:
  • Health: Supporting initiatives that improve access to healthcare, promote mental wellbeing, and address food insecurity. 
  • Finance: Empowering individuals and families through financial literacy programmes, debt counselling, and affordable housing initiatives. 
  • Education: Backing projects that increase access to quality non-statutory education and learning, tackle early years disadvantage, and bridge the digital divide. 

By strategically supporting core costs and organisations tackling inequality, we aim to amplify their impact and create a ripple effect of positive change. Here's how: 

  • Stability breeds success: secure core funding allows organisations to focus on their core mission, not fundraising anxieties. This means more programmes, better services, and greater reach. 
  • Addressing the root causes: by investing in organisations combating the very roots of inequality, we move beyond temporary solutions and towards lasting structural change. 
  • Building a strong collective: we believe in collaboration and synergy. By supporting a diverse range of organisations tackling various aspects of inequality, we create a tapestry of support that strengthens the entire community. 

This 2024 funding focus is not just about grants and numbers; it is about investing in people, in potential, and in a brighter future for all. We want to be a catalyst for change, a champion for the marginalised, and a builder of bridges towards a more equitable Stratford.